Rowan Abraham

Paradoxical Reality Still
Video Still taken from moving image (Time-stamp: 1:23)
1920 x 1080 pixels

Paradoxical Reality

Paradoxical Reality is an installation work that questions “What is real?” and “Is reality a simulation?”. The work uses self-performance to explore what it means to be real and how we experience reality is in today’s technologically based society. It does this through a protagonist who is experiencing a loop of multiple realities at once.

The work uses a minimalist style of moving image called ‘durational photography’ displayed on a LED TV screen that acts as a window into another life or simulation of reality. It uses this simulation in a way that makes the viewer unable to distinguish it from their reality and suggests the idea that they themselves might be a part of the loop of simulations.

Paradoxical Reality, 2018 (1 minute excerpt)
HD Digital Video (23.976 fps)
No Audio, 16:9, 10:50 duration