Manon Mikolaitis


Suspended Conversations: The Mourning of My Mother Past is a personal reflection on loss and mourning, prompted by my desire to unearth my late mother’s past following her death in 2013. As the years pass following my mother’s death there continues to be a recurring pang of regret and pain regarding my lack of knowledge of her life prior to my existence.
. In an attempt to uncover stories from my mother’s past I have turned towards her photographic archive in the hope that her memories contained within these mimetic objects could provide me with material to construct an alternate reality, assisting my process of mourning as a method of reparation.
Suspended Conversations: The Mourning of My Mother Past argues that the performative process of memory work can assist in the forging of imagined realities, merging past and present voices in an attempt to unearth the latent narratives embedded within photographic archives. Primarily focused on photographic albums and archives within the familial context, this research project identifies these repositories of the past as sites of construction and negotiation of memory, identifying memory as a process, an activity, and a construct that is formed in the present.