Jack Barrueto

Where the Land Turns

“Place is security, space is freedom: we are attached to the one and long for the other. There is no place like home. What is home?”

– Yi-Fu Tuan

Where the Land Turns’ is a photographic body of work that straddles the line between the familiar and the strange. Set in familiar backgrounds – places of suburban reprieve, banal contemporary landscapes, pockets of the sublime and ugly – it’s a collection of images that seeks to turn these places that function as potential points of escapism into something.

Wandering through and around, searching and returning, the work blends a mixture of ritual snapshots and keen awareness with an embodied documentary practice, one that focuses on the fleeting moments of everyday life (moments of apparent nothingness) with the intension of revealing the beauty in things as they are. The images in this series were made slowly, with careful consideration and attention to detail, driven by an inherent interest in the human dimension.

Paradoxically, ’Where the Land Turns’ avoids any sort of human presence. Instead, it looks at the landscape of suburbia, firstly, as a geographic location, and subsequently, as a place visually constructed by the conventions of documentary photography.