Ella Ballhausen

Looking Liquid

Our world discloses a side of itself to the camera that the human eye is not permitted to see. Whilst man exists within a narrow realm of optical potential, time and again we brush against natures that defy our reality. Photography mediates to human, a wider reality we are otherwise blind to. At the river, the water is moved by a nature consistent with another reality.

The unpredictable contours of liquid shift and transform continuously in a manner that is indescribable. In a state of constant metamorphosis, the liquid form is impossible to witness yet is perfectly opposed by the instantaneity of photography. ‘Looking Liquid’ experiments with camera optics and editing techniques that reveal possibilities of optical realities suspected by human but evasive to ours eye.

Body and river co-exist in the frame and are entangled by performative gestures and preserving image. Both are entrapped in the moving image format, and heighten what is visible and invisible, sees and is seen down by the river. Again and again I return to the river and sit by the green weeds of the Colo.

By the river I suspect infinite possibilities of form that perforate the liquid skin of the river, and I am left to revel in the perpetuating mysteries of our world.